GardenBase landscape software application.

There are three stages in the landscape design process used in the GardenBase landscape software application.
  • Landscape Project Planning
  • Landscape Design
  • Implementation
GardenBase  landscape software application. Planning  Phase Planning Phase This phase is where you decide the objectives and design framework for the garden landscape project  This is a process of analysis where the goals of the gardener/designer for the garden project are developed and refined. It typically involves many questions and discussion when developing the final set of desired outcomes. Tools that the GardenBase landscape design application provides for the planning process are:
  •  Project Objectives and Key Results... Establish the garden design desired outcomes and key results.
  • Taxonomy... establish a list of words to help describe the design
  • SWOT Analysis... List the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the landscape project
  • Image Manager... Upload images
  • Mood Boards... Create mood boards to easily view and contrast the colours, images, words, links connected to your garden design.
  • MoSCoW Analysis... List the must have, should have, could have and would like features of you design
  • Project Management and related Tasks... Set up a task list and dates
GardenBase  landscape software application. Design Phase Design Phase In the design phase the conclusions from the landscape design planning stage are put into action. Tools that the GardenBase landscape design application provides for the design process are:
  • Garden Areas... Define garden and functional areas of the design
  • Plant/Object List... Create a list of objects and plants you wish to include in the garden design
  • Garden Functions... Create a list of typical functions in each area
  • Utilization Matrix... Establish how these areas are used in a typical time period.
GardenBase landscape software application. Implementation Phase Implementation Phase In the landscape design implementation phase all the planning and analysis done until now starts to take shape. Tools that the GardenBase landscape design application provides in the implementation phase are...
  • Project Management.
  • Project Tasks by Date... Report of task due date and description
  • Project Milestones... Key points in the project timeline.
  • Plant Inventory... What plants and objects are required to fulfill the design phase decisions
  • Planting Schedule... What and how many plants/objects  to place in each garden area
Future posts will detail each phase in more detail.